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    Bare Minimum to use Medusa:

    • Special Medusa AV Loopback Cable (3ft Cable, no logos, 30 pins all connected)
    • USB-A to USB-B Cable (3ft cable, Microsoft logo on each end, plugged into back USB port of Xbox 360)
    • Power Supply ( I do not own a legit one yet)

    • 2x USB wired Controller ports
    • 2x mini-DIN connectors for Internal and External headphone jacks, with a headphone volume control on the Kiosk (2x 3,5mm TRS per player, 2 buttons (Vol + / Vol -)
    • 1x Mini-USB port on the front used for a Special Memory Card slot on the Front of the Kiosk. (Uses 3.3v instead of 5v)
    • 1 Power Port that uses a 5volt/5amp Power Supply

    • Block access to Xbox LIVE
    • Block access to settings
    • Automates demo time (OFF/5MINS/10MINS/15MINS)
    • Can access "Retailer Specific" images

    Others: (Thanks Aspect for the specs, was on another post here on assembler)
    • Powered by a PIC16F747-I/PT
    • Internal debugging port at J5 connected to the debugging pins of the PIC
    • A Programming port (RJ25 connector) accessible from the cover of the unit
    • USB hub chip CY7C65640-LFXC takes care of the USB connectors for I/O, controllers, and the memory card
    • ATMEL518 microcontroller near the USB hub that is possibly tied to timer functionality

    And of course! it would need the Kiosk Disc :p (I have backups)

    Ill get inside photos soon!
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