Xbox 360 2005 Controller / Build quality

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    I remember on release day unboxing my first Xbox 360 system which had a beautiful controller with a glossy Xbox emblem in the middle, I also remember having to purchase another controller down the line to find a different colour style on the gray plastic (light grey instead of dark) and a brushed alloy Xbox emblem opposed to glossy. I have just bough a very old looking controller which seems to have this glossy logo so I will post my findings once it arrives.

    I'd like to know if anyone has done any documenting on controller revisions since launch. And also a side question, is the E3 2005 Shell a prototype or did very early models come out like that, the one split in the USB flab & "Xbox 360" wrote on the side?

    Thanks all.
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    The E3 model is a prototype and is actually a dummy a console I believe. It has larger feet, rubber USB port etc etc.
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