OTHER WTS: DTL-H2700 PSX Development Kit with PA!

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    Today i want to sell my DTL-H2700 Development Kit. It is the last Kit from Sony with the Performance Analyzer based on ISA.
    The Kit comes with some docs and a driver disk. The trigger switch is also include!
    The Kit works great at all but it have some issue with the AV output.
    Long Story short, i tested anything and that is more as you can get when you buy a kit from japan "As it is"..
    I tested the Performance Alanyzer = OK , Send sample to the target board = OK, Playback stuff from the h2510 = OK, controller port = OK
    You can be sure the only problem is that the video output has some Artifacts. What i do before to fix this: reflow of CPU/GPU, recap of the top board. I still dont know what the problem is. But im on a point where i done anything what i can do. So maybe someone with more knowledge can fix this.

    Im asking 750€ + shipping + paypal for the complete setup:

    IMG_0088[1].JPG IMG_0089[1].JPG IMG_0090[1].JPG IMG_0091[1].JPG

    I will ship Worldwide with DHL full tracked only.
    If you have any question, feel free to contact me.

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