RU [WTB] The Roots/The Roots: Gates Of Chaos XBOX/PC/N-Gage Builds [Tannhauser Gate].

Discussion in 'Want to Buy Requests (WTB)' started by DirkDagger, Jul 12, 2018.

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    Looking for XBOX/PC/N-Gage builds of original "The Roots" (and "The Roots: Gates Of Chaos") game by Tannhauser Gate/Cenega.
    Already have few Alpha/Beta builds for N-Gage. But still interesting in them too (in those I don't have).
    Now iteresting to see what Tannhauser Gate planned to release for home consoles/PC.
    With all offers please write to my PM, I didn't check the thread too often. Thx! :)

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