E.EUROPE [WTB] Nintendo 3DS/DS/GBA/GB Protos & Dev related hardware

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    Hello !

    I'm a french nintendo collectionner that want to get some new pieces into my collection :)

    So, I'm looking for Prototypes for mainly every portable console from nintendo (from GB to 3DS), and any dev-related hardware for theres consoles. For now i'm focused on prototypes.

    Illustrating images of what i want to by came came from mutiples sources on internet (but generally, old ebay auction).
    For every prototypes i pay minimally 75$. The only two exception for this minimal price is for "memory pack only" (i pay minimally 15$), and for every blank dev cart (without eprom or without prototype game inside, 30$ for DSI/3DS blank dev cart and 45$ for GB/GBC/GBA/DS blank dev cart). Of course, price here is only the MINIMAL price that i pay ;) i can pay more. Everything depend of the game inside the proto, it's not the same price for a "identical to retail press review" dev cart or for a "totally unreleased game from a big editor" :).

    In the same topic, i have a IS-NITRO-DEBUGGER but in the japanese version (so, cd and manual are in japanese). So if here someone have the manual and the CD of a US-based version, please contact me in DM for make a deal for some scans and others things related :) !

    Finally, yeah, i know i don't have posts. i'm french and i don't speak a really good english, that why. i've double checked marketplace rules and there is no rules of minimal number post for WTB (but there is for WTS). But if the moderation team consider it's not okay, don't hesitate to contact me! I will be happy to talk in DM and give some proof that i am a real guy and whatever needed :)

    GB/GBC dev hardware :
    Every know version of dev carts used for the GB/GBC. From the big one to the GBC-style dev cart. also interested on two gb dev "eprom based" cart even if they don't have eprom ;)

    GBA de hardware
    There is three model, the "GB-style" with external memory pack and the "GBA-style" dev cart. There is some photos of a third model of dev cart for gba with a weird look. Of course, also interested on memory pack only if you have :)
    Memory pack for GBA dev cart

    NDS/DSI/3DS dev carts
    Dev carts for DS/DSI/3DS are mostly identical. the codename and sticker color can help to identity for what console they are. Only have photos of DS memory pack but it's pratically identical for DSI/3DS memory pack.
    Yeah, i'm stupid, i've write "DSI dev kit" instead of "DSI dev cart". Sorry ahah.
    Memory pack for DS dev cart
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