WTB: Daikatana Gear and Nintendo 64 Horipad

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  1. I have what some argue to be a very twisted goal of collecting nearly everything Daikatana related I possibly can. I've got the N64 cart, loose, the strategy guide, and a budget-version of the PC title, but I'm looking for a few more things, mainly

    -Daikatana N64, boxed (US version preferably, JP version also works if one was ever made)
    -Daikatana GBA (I'd like boxed, but I'll take a loose cart too)
    -Daikatana t-shirt (I know they exist as I've seen a number of them both as promo items and distributed to gamestore clerks here in the US for the game's release)

    These are the ones I'm mainly interested in, but if you have any miscellaneous other stuff (E3 goodies, posters, etc. as well as a boxed PC version) I could possibly take it off your hands, let me know.

    Non-Daikatana related (but I thought I'd save space and post it here) I've seen a few times on Yahoo! Japan this N64 controller called, I believe, the Hori Pad Mini (a yellow one can be seen here: http://image.www.rakuten.co.jp/edigi-game/img1007346586.jpeg). I'm rather intrigued by the look of this, as that control stick looks designed in the same vein as the GC's stick instead of that blasted slick plastic one on the stock controllers. Has anyone used one of these, and are they any good? Anyways, I'm looking to see if anyone is selling them - any color, boxed or non, but nice condition and decent price, please.
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    ...Isn't Daikitana a turd of a game?...I can keep an eye out though...as theres a surprising number of boxed n64 games lurking in my area....
  3. Yeah, it was the one created by John Romero (of id Software/Doom fame) that was in development for like 4 or 5 years and was enormously hyped-up, but completely flopped upon release. I think it's time in development was only exceeded by Halo and Duke Nukem Forever. :smt043 Anywho, it's not very popular at all, so all the stuff should be going for fairly cheap. Thanks for keeping an eye out!
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    Being published by Eidos, there's a load of promo crap around the office. . .it's become a bit of reminder on game production. . .

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