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    So, I've got my FM-TOWNS IIUR, and it works fabulously. I am going to install a hard disk shortly and then install TownsOS. Here is my question to everyone. How do I go about writing .hdm files to floppy? I have 3mode drives, both a USB 3mode and an NEC FD1231T standard 3mode drive. What software should I go about using to write the floppies? I have a disk writing station that I built that is running DOS 7.1, Windows 98SE, and Windows XP SP3 in a triple boot configuration, and I have no problem with installing a linux distro if needed, so it doesn't matter what OS is required to run the software. I have a tool called DiskImage v.1.3b that I found on the GamesSX wiki entry on writing 3.5" floppies for the X68000 compacts, and it seems that this tool can handle .hdm files and will work under either 9x or 2k/xp, but I haven't had a chance to test it. Is this tool all that is required? If not, what should I use? Are there any tools that run under TownsOS that will do this? If so, it's no problem to burn a CD containing TownsOS and the required tools and boot it on my UR. Please let me know guys!

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