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    Hi everybody,

    I have this devkit for wonderswan in my closet since like 7 years. I would like to start a project with it but i have few questions :

    - I would like to start my project on a Mac Book Air using VirtualBox or VMWare to host a Windows XP VM. My concern is the serial port... Is it possible to use a serial to usb cable converter and still be able to use the connected cartridge through the transfer tool from the devkit ? (SDK within a VM if possible otherwise on my desktop if the virtualization layer prevents me from using the devkit with serial to usb converter).

    - Do you know if i could even go further and use the Wonderwitch SDK (on the provided CD) with an emulator (Trap15 dumped the cartridge but i dont know if any emulator like OswanJ can run it) ?

    - Do you know where i could find the Magic Book Second Edition and the mini color programming manual in pdf ? And possibly translated in english (otherwise google translate) ?
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    Hello! I hope that you are still interested in the WonderWitch.
    I've had to write many emails in Japanese to get the latest software, so I wouldn't be surprised if you're still looking for everything.
    I'm using a usb-to-db9 cable and it works just fine.
    The problem is that Oswan is a WonderSwan emulator and you must emulate the WonderWitch cartridge BIOS.
    The only WonderWitch emulator available is MiracleMage and it only supports B&W mode.
    Here is the WonderWitch CD, the latest update, the latest magical book and the cd that comes with the programming book.
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    Thank you very much @Fumikon !
    The updated resource is really precious,as official site has the user center and download section removed for quite a long time.

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