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    Hi everyone,

    I haven't been there for a while, but some of you are already knowing the information this topic will speak about, but for the majority who don't know who I am, I'm a Software and Hardware hacker, I'm making software for my main work, and create hardware as hobby.

    I bought my first WonderSwan in 2003, to leave it taking dust for year until 3 years ago when I rediscover this gaming console and fell in love with it. Since then, my Swan collection expanded, got lots of games, but I was more especially interested in the specific hardware made for the WonderSwan, like, cardridge with specific functionality (like LEDs), the WonderGate, and more recently a WonderBorg.

    I'm still looking for one of the Sonar build for the WonderSwan, and an official Dev Kit, but that's another story.

    What is about this thread is about the hardware work I started 3 years ago, getting into the WonderSwan and make the first non official cart that fit in a real cartridge box (ok there is the WonderMagic, so it would be second without the constrain)

    3 years ago I made my first step by discovering the basic on how the WonderSwan identigy the cart, but due to money and time restrictions I wasn't able to continue on this project and go further until last September where I started to build a new tool for the WonderSwan: the WonderLyzer, a tool to be able to sniff or emulate a cart without the need to solder any wire as it have the same form factor as a real cart:


    At around the same time, I bought a Terasic DE0 FPGA development board and when I received the WonderLyzer PCB, I started to work on the WonderMadeleine project, which have the goal to make a clone of the BANDAI 200x chip used in the WonderSwan cart.

    After only a few days of light works, I was able to run my first ROM on the WonderSwan without the use of any of the official cart hardware. When thing get secured and working without major problem, I made a video showing the result of this part of the project:

    I then got some problem with the FPGA board mainly because of the SDRAM on board which is not praticable useable to emulate the WonderSwan cart SRAM unless doing a lot of nasty thing, which I didn't want to do at that time, so I paused the project for a few month, until last June where I started to work on the first project around the WonderMadeleine which is the Madeleine it self.

    The Madeleine goal is to provide a cheap reprogramable cart for the WonderSwan, that could be used to make commercial games for exemple, or for the end user to run/develop homebrew.

    This will not be the most usefull homebrew device because the programming will pass through a specific port on the cart, or the RS232 connection of the WonderSwan, the later will be really slow to program a cart that big, and the first will be quicker, but still slow. I still have a third project which is to make a cart with an SD slot, but it's currently to early to speak about this one, there is still a lot of thing to solve, and it will be much more expensive.

    Anyway since last June, I've done the Madeleine cart, order the PCB, and receive the first prototypes one yesterday. I'm waiting for some gear to come before building the cart, but I haven't see any default on the PCB them self, so the hardware should be close to the final version.
    I'm not disclosing the full details of this board for now, it will be revealed during the weekend of the 10-11 october during the RGC2015 with the first public demonstration of this board.

    Some public pictures of the Madeleine:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    (yes some are intentionally blurred because they show some specificity of the board :))

    For those interested you can find more information on my own blog here:
    The blog entry associated with the video: http://www.986-studio.com/2014/10/28/finally/

    Edit: If one admin think I posted this thread in the wrong forum, please feel free to move it where it should be, it seemed to me to be the best one for this topic.
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    Hmm time to get a wonderswan :D
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    Some advice, if you don't want this cloned and stolen by the chinese immediately, don't make them in china.

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