Wireless Logitech / Dreamcast controllers, my own solution, lucky I guess.

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    I bought a few Total Control 4, PS2 to Dreamcast controller converters, for the right price, local.

    I already opened them and the main chip in it has no markings at all.

    Probably a specific chip made in China at the time ('99 -'01) for a specific client.

    So I doubt these Total Control 4 PS2 to Sega Dreamcast converters, can be DIY build.

    They are similar to these, but mine have also a switch for joystick or steering wheel modus,

    and a PS/2 keyboard connection, nice for typing of the dead with a wireless PS/2 keyboard.


    I'll also get these Total Control 5's for a PS/2 mouse.

    And I also bought a few Logitech wireless PS2 controllers.

    They work very good on my Sega Dreamcast with an original GDEMU.

    I thank the people on this site for sharing GDI images.

    Well, winter time is here, and me and my Sega Dreamcast are going to make overtime this winter.


    My old Sega Dreamcast is more fun, than my 8TB 5.05 PS4 Pro !!

    Those were the days of "simple", "fun" games, straight from the arcade.

    Still good fun almost 20 years later !

    These Logitech wireless joysticks work fine on the Sega Dreamcast, through a Total Control 4,

    even the rumble function.

    Analog modus of the Logitech joystick has to be on when the game boots.

    Otherwise the VMU is not recognised.

    The front L2 and R2 buttons are digital, but the right analog stick on the Logitech wireless controller

    works as the analog triggers of the Sega Dreamcast controller.

    So forward on the Logitech right analog stick is the Sega Dreamcast joystick right trigger. (Gas)

    And backwards on the Logitech right analog stick is the Sega Dreamcast joystick left trigger. (Brake)

    Similar to the Gran Turismo setting on the Playstation ?

    The left analog stick on the Logitech controller is for steering.

    This works very good for me, better ergonomics than a Sega Dreamcast controller, to be honest.

    And wireless.


    Logitech joystick analog sticks out of whack, not working properly ?

    Recalibrating the Logitech PS2 wireless controller analog sticks can be done by

    removing one battery.

    Pressing L1 + L2 and inserting the battery.

    Do not move the analog sticks while you insert the battery.

    Voila, 2 wireless controllers for my PC (through a usb converter) and my

    PS1, PS2 AND Sega Dreamcast !!!

    On to 2 more !!



    Yes I know there are other wireless options for the Sega Dreamcast.

    But this was for me the cheapest option, p&p from the other side of the world can become expensive.




    But still not on their site.



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    the Total Control 5 is amazing for mouse or keyboard! I use mine with a laser mouse and its excellent for quake and outtrigger.

    the maker of these' website is hkems.com and heres a direct link in english http://www.hkems.com/product/dc/dc-index.htm

    i find their products are cheaper on ebay or elsewhere though (somehow?)

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