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    Sorry if this is the wrong section, first time poster.

    This has been posted about on this site before but it's been a few years and I recently made a lost media wiki article about it so I thought I'd post again.

    The article is here: http://lostmediawiki.com/Wii_Startup_Disc_(Status_Unknown_Software;_2006)

    For the uninitiated basically it was some kind of firmware disc that was distributed with kiosk demo Wiis, apparently the Wii hardware production started before the System Menu was finished so the first-run Wiis had a barebones system on them that ran this disc to install the proper System Menu and some updated IOSes.

    Bushing and a few members here found Wiis needing this disc a few years back, Bushing did a write-up on one (http://hackmii.com/2010/09/insert-startup-disc/) breaking down the NAND of the system that needed it. Recently Larsenv (a Wii homebrew developer) released said NAND, you can download it here and run it via Dolphin or SNEEK: https://mega.nz/#!8YVnhZzB!zwBoVlaBhVybvLAYG-Q0mQfpDtpk2bWk8Ajkc7Scnkw

    The disc still hasn't been found though, or even a picture of it. It's a little odd since most other kiosk/prerelease Wii stuff is known, I guess this disc was just used for such a short period of time that it was forgotten about. Does anyone here have any information? I found a few people connected to it on Reddit, one of whom might have used it at some point or at least knew people who did, but it could be fake for all I know and nobody has gotten back to me.
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    Very interesting article, thanks for sharing it here !
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    i've got this wii on ebay ^^

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