[Wii] RVT-H full nand dump

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    Here’s a cool thing that I was able to dump.

    It’s the nand from an RVT-H wireless reader. I installed bootmii as ios and dumped it using the included util. The Homebrew Channel was not installed on this wii when the nand was dumped, but system menu 4.3 was installed.

    Please note that this doesn't include any games. It's just a plain nand.

    It does include the following debug IOS files.

    Found IOS 80: revision: 0x1b1f.
    Found IOS 56: revision: 0x161d.
    Found IOS 55: revision: 0x1219.
    Found IOS 53: revision: 0x1011.
    Found IOS 31: revision: 0xa10.
    Found IOS 28: revision: 0x508.
    Found IOS 22: revision: 0x304.
    Found IOS 35: revision: 0x410.
    Found IOS 33: revision: 0x410.
    Found IOS 21: revision: 0x202.
    Found IOS 17: revision: 0x200.
    Found IOS 14: revision: 0x101.
    Found IOS 13: revision: 0xa.
    Found IOS 12: revision: 0x6.
    Found IOS 11: revision: 0xa.
    Found IOS 10: revision: 0x206.
    Found IOS 2: revision: 0x2.
    Found IOS 9: revision: 0x204.
    Found IOS 4: revision: 0x3*

    One file is the decrypted contents of the nand.


    The other is the full nand dump, the keys, and the nand decryptor program.


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