Which Version of Outrun 2 is the Best? (video discussion) And 25 Years of Daytona

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    Hey Assembler dudes! If you're a Sega Arcade Racer fan I've made a couple of videos that may be of interest. My most recent is a discussion of the pros and cons of the modern Outrun 2 games and I decide which one I think is the best out of all the different versions available. Check it out:

    Sadly, YouTube bollocks-ed up the video resolution in processing and isn't allowing it to be viewed in anything other than 360p, even though the original file was 4k and 60fps. Grrrrrr! I've pinned a link in the comments with an alternative 1080p version I uploaded afterwards.

    The second is a nearly 2 hour documentary I made all about Daytona USA, looking at all the home ports and arcade games and the game's legacy. Hope you enjoy.
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