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Discussion in 'Price Check Forum' started by retro, Mar 17, 2015.

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    There have been an increasing amount of users posting price checks without bothering to read the rules. Somehow, you've clicked on this:


    ...but managed to ignore the description of this forum, telling you to read the rules first.

    You then arrived at this page:


    ...and somehow managed to miss the ONLY sticky in the forum - the rules you were asked to read. In case you missed that instruction on either page, it even says MUST READ in capital letters.

    There's no excuse not to have read the rules. It's not as if they've changed since they were posted four years ago - they remain the same. Two simple rules:

    1. ALL items must have your forum name on a piece of paper in the picture.
    2. Price checks may not be used to sell items.

    If you own the item, there is no excuse not to provide a picture. If you're asking whether you should pay the asking price for an item, either it's available in a shop (so take a photo) or online (with a photo) - so include a photo and just add something like - NOT MY ITEM.

    There's further mention that you must not make an offer in a price check thread - do so by PM only.

    Any further posts not complying with the rules will be deleted without warning. Repeat offenders may find themselves unable to use the marketplace.

    Use of the marketplace is a privilege, not a right. It is free service for the community. Please have the courtesy to follow a few simple rules if you wish to use it. Thanks!
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