What is the likelyhood this new Quake engine games level could work on any DC Quake ports split up?

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    So I am sure many of you who also game on the PC as I do, and are massive retro FPS fans will by no doubt have already heard of all of the popular retro themed FPS games coming out on the PC recently. Games such as Amid Evil, DUSK , Iron Maiden, Prodeus and Overload are wildly popular, and harken back to the older games from the mid 90's. This upcoming game called WRATH: Aeon of Ruin is just one of the most recent games.

    Unlike most of those others listed above, WRATH actually is running on the Quake engine, and got me yearning to see if it is possible to port the assets over to our many Quake ports on DC. The game isn't out yet, but just watching the video below should give an idea of the scale of the game. Obviously, Quake on DC has never really been the most optimized engine, except for maybe the old Titanium Studios Windows CE port. And as most of us here already know, it is pretty much not friendly to mods as the source was never released.

    Now to my eyes just speaking as a modder of PC games, this shit looks to be running one of the largest, if not largest level I have ever seen in the Quake engine. How feasible is it that one would be able to cut up this into smaller bite sized sections that would be easier for the DC to digest? This just looks too damn awesome not to at least try and get something running on the DC using the assets when it releases.
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