What Is The Best Size/Brand Of CRT TV For Classic Gaming?

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Jord9622, Aug 25, 2012.

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    I just acquired a second Trinitron (Kv-32FV300) today. I went to the thrift store with my Xbox and my ColecoVision so I could test the 32" sets properly.

    They had 2 similar Wegas (Kv-32FV300 and Kv-32FV310), and a JVC I'art. The JVC was ok but it was pretty clear the Sony sets had better picture. I tested with my Colecovision to see if i would get the Black and white bug.

    JVC had no problem but the two Trinitron made something funny. The Signal was sort of garbled and black and white immediately after i powered the Colecovision, but the sets sort of reinitialized 1 or 2 times until they could lock on the signal properly. Then the image was perfect. The whole process takes less than a second. I guess that is ok but its funny as it seems the Trinitron TVs do not like my Colecovision. At least these sets can "deal with it"

    I then set the two Sony to exactly the same picture settings and tried my modded Xbox and played some game with Final Burn emulator. I know which games to uses for comparing image and also the menus are useful for screen centering an geometry.

    Turns out one of the sets (the 310) had a fair amount of Flickering compared to the other, and also the colors were duller on it. However it had slightly sharper resolution and better Geometry.

    The other set I immediately liked more because im very sensible to flickering, I hate it alot. This set had one of the lowest flickering ive seen. The image is very stable. Also had vibrant color and sufficiently sharp resolution to read text in the corners. However it had visible curvature. I bought it anyway as i hope I can correct it fairly easily in the service mode. This set has EXCELLENT picture, very happy with it. Cost me a mere 40$. That's very cheap, especially when you have the luxury of going to the Thrift store with your consoles and spend an hour testing stuff.

    Goes to say that from two Trinitron sets that were almost identical ( Same exact exterior and very close model number) I witnessed two very different picture quality level. With this in light it seems to me that reviewing a model that was bought used can be misleading as obviously tube aging and other factors can have a lot of influence.
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    Same here! We have a 34 inch HD model, but it is indeed CRT (and 200 pounds). Works beautifully for retro gaming. Some guns don't work on it though.
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