What Happened to Crytek's Canceled Game - Redemption

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    In late August of 2012, Neogaf user Miladesn posted a thread to the website, accompanied by a link to a former Crytek Art Directors portfolio. The portfolio extensively documented work on the cancled game, known as Redemption, and included a plethora of concept art, in game assets, and environment work.


    This post quickly drew the gaze of the internet and with it, a media firestorm erupted as major gaming news sites like Kotaku rushed to write articles about the portfolio. Evidently, the Art Director, Eric Cochonneau, didn't take kindly to this, and within days quickly removed all media relating to the game. The hype and buzz would ultimately die down, until July of 2013 when Polygon was able to speak to then Crytek Ceo Cevat Yerli on Redemption.

    This too would garner significant attention, though no where near as much as the first leak did. As expected, the hype and attention soon died down, and the internet as a whole forgot about the game.

    Today, nearly eight years since the game was canceled, I am proud to present to you a document I created, containing what I believe to be all of the public media related to Redemption on the internet. You wont find this on Unseen64. I completely wrote up everything relating to the game, breaking down what it was about, gameplay, reasons for cancellation and such. Furthermore I was able to discern some actual exclusive developer comments about the game and what happened, and all that can be found here:


    I hope that others are able to find this story and this game as interesting as I have!


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