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    Hi all from karsten!

    This new section is about the topics and threads we as a community feel should kept in an easy and accessible place so that new and old users alike will be able to spot right away.

    As such you all users are welcome to submit your "threads of importance" or those you feel that deserve to be placed in here.

    They do not have to be a 100000+ views threads, what we want here is to preserve easily and give visibility to informations; preserving "the obscure" so if you spot a thread (no matter how old!) that contains important and not be lost informations that may be hard to reach with search otion post it here and we mods will look at it and probably add here.

    In years Assmblergames has grown huge in its threads, contents and topics. It's time to take the "creme de la creme" and highlight it.

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    I had no idea what i was doing when i started this thread, but i unintentionally documented most of GoldSRC(Half-Life engine) for Dreamcast over the course of a year or so. It's very haywire and unorganized, but if someone took the time to organize all the info it could be one of the best modding manuals for HLDC. I do still think multiplayer is possible w/ dll hooking, so the info should be preserved for if someone with the know how comes across it

    edit: might as well link this too https://github.com/FaucetDC/hldc-sdk
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