WANTED: art, content creation software and source code for 2D tilemap based Mars 32xcd software

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    Target: Sega Mars 32X CD + 64meg Sega mapped Ram cartridge with sram

    Want tilemap editor like "Tume" or similar with 15-bit color support.

    Looked for "Meat" for "Windows 95" but links seem gone or software only available through email. Any way to get this?

    Where's the older "Sonic Boom" for targeting Sega Mars 32x? Only the newer one seems available for Sega Saturn and doesn't seem to support 32x.

    "Sega Art Editor" and sound tools for MacOS seems gone too. These had no version number according to abstract in 1994 SDK documents for Sega Mars 32x. Where can I find them?

    Where's the development libraries belonging to the Sega tools suite for MacOS in 1994? If there's no libraries then where's the complete suite?

    Source code for any 32x Mars CD games like "Corpse Killer"? What about "Knuckles Chaotix"?

    Thanks :)
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