Visual differences between Nintendo 64 Fast3D/F3DEX and Turbo3D/F3DLX

Discussion in 'Nintendo Game Development' started by ArthCarvalho, Oct 10, 2017.

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    Hello, I'm just starting to learn about N64 development, and while reading about the RSP microcodes, I read that while the Fast3D can push around 150k triangles per second, the Turbo3D microcode can push almost 500k per second with reduced precision and no Z-buffer. From what I'm reading, it sounds alot like what the PSX outputs.

    The only place I've seen something similar to this in a commercial game was in Zelda Ocarina of Time, if you look at Ganondorf's cape, you'll notice that his cape vertices are ridiculously jumping around when he moves. But of course that doesn't really mean they're using the turbo microcode there, it might as well just be a low precision cloth simulation they are using.

    Are there any examples of the Turbo3D or F3DLX running on real hardware? Or any commercial games that use it?
    How much does it degrade the graphics when compared to Fast3D?

    Also, the original Fast3D microcode can output around 150k triangles per second, how much does the F3DEX gain in performance over it?
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    Last Legion UX uses it. It's garbage.

    There is no reason to use Fast3d or F3DEX when F3DEX2 is available. I'd guess performance is about 5-10x better. It depends on how well optimized the displaylist generator is at exploiting the vertex cache. Basically, f3dex2 reduces the overhead of vertex processing to basically a minimum, at which point it no longer becomes the bottleneck (which is of course always RDRAM bandwidth).
    Software trying to exploit the maximum potential of the N64 needs to consider a variety of angles besides just ucode.
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