Use your 64Drive to quickly Preview Image and Sound files

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    Hi all,

    So, I've been messing around yet again with my IS-VIEWER64 and also my PARTNER-N64 development cartridges. I was mainly looking at the quick loading features for different N64 media that they provided. I was also looking at all the different software packages and plugins that this hardware took advantage of.

    I recently discovered something really cool in regards to the functionality of the software package called
    the "MONEGI Multi Viewer64".


    I discovered that this software is not only compatible with many of the different official Development cartridges like the PARTNER-N64, IS-VIEWER64 and the MONEGI SmartPack......but it also supports loading Textures/Images....and N64 Sound Files!! :D:D

    Now the important thing to realize is that it does this without the need of compiling the ROM.
    It streams it directly into the ROM memory space so that it loads extremely fast. So no doubt this speeds up your development time when you have this option.


    All around, I thought that this software was really amazing. So I decided to investigate how the software performed this "Ultra Quick Previewing" of media on the N64 console....and again.....without the need of having to compile a ROM for every preview cycle.

    After some "Trial-N-Error" work...... I finally discovered a way to Port this Multi-Viewer64 functionality over to a 64Drive Flash-cartridge... using it's USB interface. :cool:

    EDIT :
    I not only figured out how to Preview Images/Textures and Sound files.....but I also added support for quickly previewing 3D Models in .NIF format. All these without having to compile! :D:D


    To go in depth and to show you how it's done......... I've posted an instructional video on my YouTube Channel. The needed ZIP archive containing all the files for you to implement this process on your own N64 PC Development station, is available in the description section of the YouTube video. I'm also hoping to have the archive hosted on the Website under the TOOLS section.

    I believe those of you who are into N64 Homebrew, and development.....will be quite excited about what I have to show here.

    Check out the instrucional video below:

    Cheers! Folks, :cool:
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