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    Hello everyone! Here's another list to keep track on this area: unreleased games for Nintendo's Virtual Boy. Some of you may know some of them but just to keep the unreleased subject going, i'll make a list of never released games for the VB. Titles mentioned here comes from various sources & magazines and any news that might pop up about them i'll post it here. If you have some magazine scans about them, feel free to post them :)

    As of 08/13/2017:

    - 3D Tank (
    by Boss Game Studios Inc.)
    - Dolphins (
    a demo shown at various shows before the release of the system)
    - Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (
    one of the most well-known of the list. No build exists)
    - Doraemon (
    by Epoch Co, Ltd.)
    - Dragon Hopper (
    the now sought-after game of this list by Intelligent Systems. Was previewed on Nintendo Power in 1996, which means that there's a prototype out there)
    - F1 (
    a.k.a. VI Racer, a formula one racing demo that was shown at both E3 & CES 1995 shows)
    - GoldenEye (
    another well-known unpublished game by Rare for the system)
    - Interceptor (
    a shooter game by the makers of Space Squash)
    - J-League 3D Stadium (
    a soccer game by J-Wing)
    - Mario Kart: Virtual Cup (
    this was mentioned on some magazines in japan. There was a homebrew attept but it seems that it was abandoned)
    - Mansion of Insmouse (
    the english versiĆ³n of Insmouse no Yakata. Apparently a prototype was found a long time ago)
    - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (
    by Bandai)
    - Night Landing (
    by Pow)
    - Out of the Deathmount (
    shooter by J-Wing)
    - Puyo Puyo Tsu
    - Polygo Block (
    the japanese version of 3D Tetris)
    - Proteus Zone
    - Silent Hill: Devil's Lyric (
    a graphic adventure homebrew game inspired on SH: Play Novel on the GBA. Was discontinued after the storywritter for the project dissapeared. KR155E may still have this game on his computer)
    - Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling Gekitou Densetsu (
    by Tomy. Supposedly, a prototype is out there, most likely in the hands of a private collector)
    - Sora Tobu Henry (
    a platformer by Human Entertainment)
    - Star Seed
    - Signal Tatto
    - Strange Animal School
    - Sundays Point
    - Strip Poker
    - Virtual Boy: Mario Land (
    one of the most sought-after prototype demos for the system)
    - Virtual Boy: Star Fox (
    a sought-after demo. Also shown at both E3 & CES in 1995)
    - Virtual Boy: Metroid
    - Virtual Block (
    a 3D Breakout-styled game by Bottom Up. A prototype does exists)
    - Virtual Bomberman (
    a very-well known unpublished game for the system and one of the few games on the series that were never released, alongside Hi-Ten Bomberman and Jaguar Bomberman. It was later re-worked and became Bomberman World for the PS1. Was almost ready to be released, so most likely a prototype exists)
    - Virtual Dodgeball (
    a Dodgeball game by Hect/Hecto)
    - Virtual Double Yakuman (
    a mahjong game by Vap Inc. ...no japanese game system is complete without one of them. A prototype exists)
    - Virtual Fishing (
    the USA version was going to be published by THQ)
    - Virtual Gunman (
    a rail shooter by Victor. Was shown at Famicom Space World 1995)
    - Virtual Jockey (
    by Right Stuff)
    - Virtual League Baseball 2 (
    the never-released sequel to the original)
    - Wangan Sensen Red City (
    by Asmik & AJN)
    - Worms
    - Zero Racers (
    alongside Dragon Hopper, this is the second most-sought after prototype for the system. Was also previewed on Nintendo Power)

    That's all for now...
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    Here's some scans from GameFan:
    19250621_880919532074063_5146471876746392692_o.jpg 19679164_880919528740730_6609939000010764557_o.jpg

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    Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong-Quest was mentioned on John Linneman's recent DF Retro episode. It seems that there was more work done on the conversion that we ever thought before, thanks to one of the guys directly involved on said conversion. John's a friend of mine and this series deserves more views IMHO :)
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    Too bad they didn't have anything to show of the work they did. Would have been amazing to get a tiny glimpse of what they had going, going from what the dude says it looked impressive. Still, very cool info to hear, since we didn't even know if they started on this game at all before.

    And honestly I thought DF was already one of the big channels..
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    But the DF Retro section is by far my favorite! I'm actually the guy who convinced John to get a Atari Jaguar believe it or not. I'm friend of him on Facebook as well. Great guy to chat with ;)

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