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    Hi guys! This thread will serve as a master list based on the various website that hold info about the unreleased, planned & mentioned games for the Jaguar. This is inspired mostly on the list that was put on Hans Reutter's Cyberroach website, which was created and updated by many people in 2000 IIRC alongside the info that's avaiable on the net at the moment + help from some of the old veterans of the community, alongside info found by my own. This list will be constantly update if new info pops up about them :D

    As of 08/12/2017:

    - Aero The Acro-Bat (Updated port of the Sega Genesis versión. Was mentioned in a issue of Hobby Consolas magazine)
    -Adventure 2000 (
    3D update of the 2600 title by 3D Stooges Software)
    - AC/DC: Defenders of Metal (
    Documentation of the game do exists. Jaguar CD beat 'em up title)
    - The Age of Darkness (
    Jaguar CD RPG by OMC Games)
    - Akira
    - Alien Vs. Predator (
    Jaguar CD update of the original game. Was mentioned on one of the issues of GamePro magazine)
    - Alien Vs. Predator 2: Annihilation
    - Allegiance (
    Team17 title)
    - Al Michaels Announces Hardball III (
    Updated port of the original game, featuring Al "Miracle on Ice" Michaels as the commentator)
    - Alone in the Dark
    - American Football (
    A Parker Brothers title)
    - Apeshit (
    Preliminary title. Was going to be called Toki Going Apespit, since Ocean still retained the Toki license. A mix of Mario, Bomberman and Buster Bros./Pang. According to Bobby Earl, the source code exists but it's lost for the moment)
    - Artemis (
    Fantasy RPG led by one of the former members of Jaguar AVP. It later evolved into Power Crystal for the M2, which was also canned)
    - Assault: Covert Ops (
    3D action game by the developers of Aircars. Was mentioned a lot on promotional material)
    - Azeron (
    A traditional top-down 2D RPG by Beyond Games. It was 40% complete prior to discontinuation)
    - Area 51
    - Automaniacs (
    Spiritual successor to Club Drive by Visual Dimensions 3D. Screenshots were shown, which implies that there's a build of the game by the creator)
    - Bases Loaded (
    A port of the semi-classic baseball title from Jaleco. Was mentioned in one of the issues of DieHard GameFan magazine)
    - Black Jag: Hyper Power League
    - Battle Puzzler!
    - Buggy Ball
    - Batman Forever (
    A port of the arcade version)
    - Battle Chess (
    According to one of my sources, the Jaguar CD port was apparently complete before never getting released)
    - Batman: The Animater Series
    - Battle Sonics
    - Battle Lords (
    A 3D beat 'em up by the makers of Baldies)
    - BattleWheels 2025 (
    Update of the fan-favorite Lynx title. Was 60% complete)
    - Battlezone 2000 (
    Update of the Lynx title. A "screenshot" was shown in a issue of VideoGames: TUGMagazine)
    - B.I.O.S. Fear
    - Bong+ 1999 (
    Only Richard Turner of Justclaws website has the answer for this title's fate)
    - Bugs Bunny's Cartoon Capers
    - Casino Royale (
    Apparently according to my source, this game was destroyed alongside other unreleased titles for the system by Telegames such as Super Off-Road. Who knows if Telegames UK has them safe)
    - Center Court Tennis (
    A Zeppeling Games title)
    - Cheesy
    - Commando (
    Jaguar CD title by Microids)
    - Chuck Norris Rangers (
    Jaguar CD title)
    - Conan (
    Beat 'em up by the makers of Legend on the SNES. While the source code is lost, prototypes holding the demo do exists)
    - Country Grid (
    It's complete and it's in the hands of a private collector alongside other titles such as Highlander II + III, Nerf Max Force & Kid Grid)
    - Circle of Four
    - Cisco Heat (
    Was mentioned alongside Bases Loaded)
    - Clayfighters
    - CRAZE
    - Classic Traxx (
    3D Racing game by Virtuality)
    - Chopper (
    A physhics-based 3D title)
    - Crime Patrol (
    Mentioned on both EDGE & Next Generation magazines along with other titles)
    - Centipede 2000
    - The Cleansing starring Bill Donahue (
    A FPS for the Jaguar CD. Was 20% complete)
    - Dactyl Joust (
    Apparently, this title is in the hands of Songbird Productions alongside another title from Midway)
    - Dante's Inferno (
    by the makers of Flip Out!. Jaguar CD title)
    - Deathwatch (
    run 'n gun platform title by Data Designs Interactive. While the source code is lost for now, prototypes from E3 1995 do exists)
    - Defcon 1 (
    A Tomb Raider-esque title that was planned for the Jaguar CD. Turned out that renders shown at Jagfest '97 were fake. All work related to the game is now lost due to a HDD crash)
    - Deus Ex Machina (
    Jaguar CD title. Part of the Robinson's Requiem series)
    - Dracula The Undead (
    Jaguar CD update of the Lynx title)
    - Dune Racer (
    Mentioned in another issue of VideoGames magazine)
    - Dungeon Dephts (
    3D dungeon crawler)
    - Droppings
    - Dream Web
    - Dactyl Nightmare
    - Dragon's Lair II: Timewarp
    - Death Tongue (
    A total conversion of Doom for the Jag but, for some reason it was never released)
    - Evolution: Dino Dudes 2 (
    Was mentioned during a Europa article on GameFan)
    - Earthworm Jim (
    Was for both formats. It was being developed by Softgold. There was early work done but was canned. Softgold was also planning a conversión of Turrican for the system)
    - Earthworm Jim 2
    - European Soccer Challenge (
    Was featured on multiple magazines promoting Telegames' Jag titles)
    - Evidence (
    Another Microids Jaguar CD title)
    - Eternal Darkness: Scent of the Spider
    - Falcon
    - FIFA International Soccer (
    It was actually planned for the system but as soon as Atari lost the license from EA, they had to go for Fever Pitch Soccer. Thanks for that tidbit Darryl :D)
    - Freelancer 2120: The Asaka Project (Mission-based Jaguar CD title by Imagitec Design. While the screenshots shown on mags were from a planned PC version, the Jaguar version used a improved engine from I-War)
    - Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball
    - Frankenstein: Through the Eyes of a Monster
    - God Earth Troopers Pluz (
    It used to be called Gorf Pluz before being changed for copyright issues)
    - Galactic Gladiators (
    A multiplayer-focused space combat title by Photosurrealism)
    - Gotcha! (
    It's in the hands of his developer, Jonathan Court)
    - Gunship 2000 (
    According to Nick Court, a collector has a prototype of the Jaguar version alongside the Jaguar version of Tinhead)
    - Graham Gooch's World Class Cricket
    - Gravon: Real Virtuality (
    Jaguar version was mentioned on issue 36 of Excalibur magazine)
    - Gunfight Max (
    A mix of FPS/TPS by Band in the Box Entertainment. Was 50% complete)
    - Green-Thang (
    Another run 'n gun. Was 80% complete)
    - Heart of Darkness
    - Highlander II: The Quest for Knowledge
    - Highlander III
    - Hosenose & Booger (
    Based on some of the research i've done, there's probably a prototype of the game out there)
    - Hard Corps (
    Run 'n gun by Storworks Interactive. All the work related to this game, alongside their other games such as Zero & Arkanna are now lost)
    - Iron Blood
    - Iron Man & X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal
    - Iratan Supremacy (
    3D fighter by Level 7 Software, influenced by VF and KI)
    - Indiana Jags (
    2D platformer)
    - Ishar III: The Seven Gates of Infinity (
    It's 100% complete but it's waiting for a published to be released. Jaguar CD title)
    - Isle of the Dead
    - ImageR3 (
    - James Pond III: Operation Starfish
    - Jaguar Bomberman (
    It's in the hands of 2 of his developers + a unknown Jaguar collector)
    - Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis
    - Kasumi Ninja II (
    Jaguar CD title)
    - Kick Off 3
    - Kingdom: The Far Reaches
    - Legion Force Jidai: The Next Era!
    - Legions of the Undead (
    Source Code of the game still resides in Rebellion's offices)
    - Lester The Unlikely
    - Livewire (
    One of his developers has all the tolos & codes from the game)
    - Litil Divil
    - Lobo (
    A prototype does exists. I got the luck of talking to a tester who worked at Atari and he specifically said that this was one of those games)
    - Mad Dog McCree
    - Major Havoc 2000
    - Metal Hive
    - Mechtiles (
    It was a FPS with mechanical dinosaurs. Was about 25% complete)
    - Miniature Golf
    - Mountain Sports
    - Magic Carpet
    - Mortal Kombat III
    - Mysterious Song
    - Metro Blaster
    - Nexus
    - Nanoterror
    - Navy Command
    - The Need for Speed
    - Nerves of Steel
    - Neurodancer
    (Jaguar CD adult title)
    - No Second Prize
    - Oracle Octace Ast Prg.
    - Off-Road Rally
    - Orb of Bengazi (
    Prequel to The Assassin. Jaguar CD title)
    - The Outpost
    - Phear (
    Multiple Prototypes of this legendary unreleased game for the system do exists in the hands of private collectors)
    - Power Glide
    - Powerslide
    - Quake (
    Mentioned on one of the issues of Ultimate Future Gamer UK magazine. Was 30% complete and by that i mean that, according to one of my source, a 3D engine was up and running)
    - Return Fire
    - Rainbow Warrior
    - Return of Magic
    - Return to Zork
    - Rise of the Robots
    - The Rocky Interactive Horror Show
    - Rollcage
    - River Riders (
    This one mysteriously appeared out of nowhere on a website that delisted it)
    - Return to Crystal Castles
    - Robotron X
    - The Shadow (
    Another Ocean title)
    - Star Alliance: Battle for Earth (
    A mix of vertical & horizonal shoot 'em up that was being developed by Starcat Developments. Sadly all Starcat projects, including this one are now lost forever due to a HDD crash his creator suffered)
    - Sudden Impact
    - Starlight Bowl-a-Rama (
    Jaguar CD title)
    - S.A.I. Corps (
    RTS game that was about 40% complete)
    - Scottish Open Virtual Golf
    - Sinister Missions
    - Skeeball
    - Snap Dragon
    - Star Trek: The Next Generation
    - Striker '95 (
    It's 90% complete prior to the discontinuation of the development of the Jag version alongside the 3DO version)
    - Stunt Car Racer
    - Super Off-Road
    - Swagman
    - Sokoban
    - Space Pirates (
    one of the former artists of Club Drive came foward and revealed that has diskettes of this Project)
    - Space Invaders
    - Stone Keep
    - Speed Freaks
    - T-MEK
    - Thea Realm Fighters
    - Thunderhawk
    - Thunderstalker
    - TFX
    - Tomb Raider
    - Twin Crystals
    - Uncle Oswald's New Invention
    - Valus Forces
    - Virtual Warriors
    - Virtuoso
    - Warlock
    - Waterworld
    - Wayne Gretzky and the NHPLA All-Stars (
    Jaguar CD title)
    - Wild Cup Soccer
    - Wing Commander III
    - Witchwood
    - World Circuit
    - World Cup
    - X-Racers
    - Zodiac Fighters
    - Zzyorxx II
    - Zone Hunter
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    As of 08/02/2017:

    - Automaniacs: This was a spiritual successor to Club Drive that was in development by a company called Visual Dimensions 3D (who were also responsable for the Jaguar Exteme Flight Joystick). The existance of this game was brought up on JagFest '97 where VD3D held a Q&A session about their upcoming Jag-projects. Automaniacs was going to feature
    several substanial improvements such as better graphics by putting a better use of gourard-shading, use of light sourcing, a high framerate, and three modes of play: Time Attack Mode, a Race Mode and a Exploratory Mode. It was planned to contain five worlds plus hidden ones, such as The Old West World, House World, City World, Toyland and Country Side World. For unknown reasons it was canned though screenshots were avaiable at one time, suggesting that there was a lot of programming done. The team behind were a guy named Barry, Alan Burress and Paul Longtin. For 1 or 2 players.
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    Update: here it used be letter B but i'll put their status on a more bigger thread i'm planning to do.
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    Update: here it used to be letter C but like it said above, i'll put them on a more bigger thread.
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    Earthworm Jim was gonna be ported to Jaguar?

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    There's plans to port Lester the Unlikely to Jaguar???
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    There were plans indeed. Check the Jaguar unreleased games info thread, i put a scan that mentions the game ;)
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    I never knew about EWJ on Jaguar, interesting! What information is there to confirm they were gonna do EWJ2? Seems unlikely if the first never even got out.
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    That's the mystery, where was EWJ2 mentioned for the system? That's something i'm actívely looking for.

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