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Discussion in 'Sega Dreamcast Development and Research' started by duskdawn, Jul 8, 2015.

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    @zero35 In-game reset is a feature of the Dreamcast itself, not related to GDEMU.

    There are 2 levels (first press will perform game reset, second will exit to system menu).

    The only thing you can control with the GDEMU config is whether to redirect the 2nd call (exit to system menu) to a certain disk instead (usually GDMenu in this case).
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    I highly recommend this SD card from Amazon. With a little bit of thought, you can fit a tremendous library with little compromise. No need to regret not getting a USB-GDROM for use with huge drives.
    SanDisk Ultra 400GB microSDXC UHS-I card with Adapter
    $78USD as of this post.

    I just got mine in today and I have filled it up.
    What can you get out of 400GB?
    I converted all GDIs from BIN(2352 bytes/sector) to GDI/ISO(2048 bytes/sector). This cuts out redundant error correction data and has no effect on gameplay for GDEmu. Should be same perfect compatibility, but save roughly 10% of storage space. Used a script I wrote for use with in @-=FamilyGuy=-'s gditools project to convert hundreds of GD-ROM dumps to 2048 bytes/sector on data tracks and rewrite the GDI file.
    - Entire NTSC-U set of games -- removed ringcode variants and removed older builds if more than one game version exists.
    - All PAL-region exclusive games (titles like Rez, Headhunter, Shenmue II, Aqua GT, etc.)
    --Exception: if PAL version has better video support, NTSC-U version may be removed in favor of PAL version instead
    --Applied patches to GD-ROMs to enable VGA (from authors like @japanese_cake and other people online)
    - Unreleased near-complete titles like Half-Life, Propeller Arena, Flintstones, etc.
    - A curated selection of over 50 NTSC-J titles, selected from various "best of" lists online with a focus on titles playable with no knowledge of Japanese. Includes healthy helpings of fighters and shmups. Includes 8 titles that are fan-translations into English.
    - NTSC-U sampler discs: Generator Vol1 and 2, all 10 discs from Official DC Magazine
    - Applications for use with accessories (I own a lot of them) - Broadband Passport, Dream Passport 2 for LAN, Dream Passport Premier, PlanetWeb Version 3, O.To.I.Re Dreamcast Sequencer, Segakara, Visual Park
    - Tools - Code Breaker, VMUTool, XDP

    With this configuration I am left with about 2GB of free space on the microSD card according to SD CARD MAKER.

    What could be improved...
    - Would love to fit bleemcast with MGS/TK3/GT2 - the retail build not the beta. I hope @japanese_cake is making good progress with hacking that for use on GDEMU.
    - Would like to put on all the indie releases, but I need to purchase a few more of them before I can put them on this card legitimately. Gotta support the authors.
    - More homebrew utilities, like Dreamshell, video viewer, music player perhaps? Been a while since I've played with that.
    - Japanese MILCD music CD releases
    - Homebrew freeware games, demoscene collections, vintage console emulators
    - Interesting leaked betas

    I could easily fit all of the above by applying @-=FamilyGuy=-'s gdishrink to many of the games on this card, but I haven't done that yet because I don't want to impact compatibility until I know for sure which games are safe to shrink. I could also remove a lot of the Japanese games because I'm sure some of them are too English-unfriendly. I could also remove some of those damn PAL Soccer titles, there's tons of 'em.

    But the bigger problem IMO is that the GDMenu software has some serious drawbacks with libraries of this size. It's really difficult to organize your library with SD Card Maker, but on top of that GDMenu doesn't do folders or organization at all. I'm looking forward to seeing a potential new menu from @Mrneo240 or someone else in the community, that could potentially support folders within the DC application. I know the SD card itself has to be just a list of folders, but perhaps that could be displayed to the user in a more organized fashion in the DC application, with organization done on a PC application similar to @madsheep 's SD Card Maker.

    Scrolling speed sucks as well, I have 375 entries in my GDMenu list. It takes forever to get to the bottom.

    This DC will be getting a DCHDMI as soon as it comes in from my preorder, for play on my 55" 4KTV that supports 960p input on HDMI, and I have it hooked up to a Skutch phone line simulator for online gaming. Noctua near-silent fan mod as well.
    This is as close as it gets to an "ultimate Dreamcast setup" for me. Might need to get some DreamConns...

    edit: Ouch, after my last update with SD Card Maker, it's now no longer reading the database from the GDMenu CDI, and it's taking several minutes to start up. I wonder what the hangup is. Games are still operating fine.

    edit 2: I managed to reload SD Card Maker and the last entry on my list, XDP Dreams, when in the "Customize" screen, had a bunch of garbled text, I cleared it and now it's working fine. Not sure if it was a problem with XDP Dreams image or if it somehow got corrupted and that's where it showed up because that was the last entry. Oh well, either way, it works now.
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    Yeah. Sorry, got super busy this semester.

    The rewrite without Kos, is kinda working but still having issues with some discs and looks generally ugly. Using PVR without Kos is ugly code and so far beyond a hardware accelerated UI with just white text there's nothing yet.

    Been working on mil-cd project, which is pretty much wrapped up and finalized at the moment.
    Stress test images have been made (75 video tracks, and 30 audio tracks, also no audio track and data session up to 99minute length), and video encoding figured out, but not easy.

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