OTHER (UK) PlayStation 2 TOOL DTL-T10000

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    IMG_0557.jpg Hi Assembler

    For sale here is my DTL T10000 - Previously owned by Midway it seems, in very good cosmetic condition has never been disassembled. This unit is in working condition, disc drive mech - outputs for VGA & PS2 side - controller/mem ports etc - all function as intended.

    When I first got this unit it would only read DVD based games and not CD-R (or maybe it was the other way round), however now the unit refuses to read any type of disc media and shows "this is not a PlayStation 2 Format Disc" , I would likely point this towards a worn out laser. I have checked dip switches and matched them to my other PS2 tools to no avail, this still could be some form of software issue but I would likely point towards the laser needing a replacement.

    I am told the SCPH-10000 (Japan launch model) has a compatible laser for these units (please do your own research first) - could be an easy cheap fix for this beautiful kit. If I can't get my asking price I will be purchasing a laser for this unit and may decide to keep or re-sell.

    Asking £300, would be willing to take sensible offers.

    £25 shipping.In the UK only due to how fragile these units are. Payment via PayPal only.

    IMG_0553.jpg IMG_0554.jpg IMG_0556.jpg
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    According to the rules, all items must have set prices, how much are you selling this for?
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    Is this still for sale?

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