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    Hi guys,

    just reintroducing myself. Male, german, Berlin, Germany . I have collected video game consoles for the last 25 years. I am deeply passionate about their technology, and i love creating software because of them.

    I have a small rooftop room and try to stuff it with systems as much as possible. I only own select games per platform, but strive to have at least a few good ones for each. (not so easy on the Pippin :) )

    Home console platforms:

    Honeybell Video Sports (Pong console in carrying case, korean)
    Philips Videopac G7000
    Atari VCS 2600 (PAL, 4 switch)
    MB Vectrex (with a horrible Joypad replica)
    Sega Mark II with Keyboard and Card Catcher (JP NTSC)
    Nintendo Entertainment System (PAL EUR)
    Epoch Super Lady Cassette Vision (JP NTSC)
    Sharp Twin Famicom (NTSC JP) + 2 * Famicom 3D System
    Amstrad GX4000 (PAL EUR)
    Sega Master System II (PAL EUR)
    Atari 5200 (US NTSC)
    Atari 7800 (PAL EUR)
    NEC PC Engine + IFU + SuperCDROM2
    Fujitsu FM-Towns Marty (JAP NTSC)
    SNK Neogeo AES (JAP NTSC)
    Sega Mega Drive (PAL EUR)
    Sega MultiMega (PAL EUR)
    Sega 32X (PAL EUR)
    Casio Loopy with working printer (JAP NTSC)
    Super Nintendo Entertainment System (PAL EUR) + SWC DX
    Super Nintendo Entertainment System (NTSC US) + SWC
    NEC Turbo Duo R (JAP NTSC)
    NEC Supergrafx (JAP NTSC)
    Magnavox CDi (EUR NTSC)
    SNK Neogeo CD Frontloader (JAP NTSC)
    Pioneer Laseractive CLD-A100 + PC-Engine PAC (JAP NTSC)
    Panasonic 3DO FZ-1 (PAL EUR)
    Sega Saturn black (PAL EUR)
    Sega Saturn white (JAP NTSC)
    Sony Playstation SCPH 1000 (JAP NTSC / sVideo)
    Sony Playstation (PAL EUR)
    Sony PsOne + Screen + Car Adapter (PAL EUR)
    Nintendo 64 (PAL EUR)
    Nintendo 64 DD (JAP NTSC)
    Nintendo Virtual Boy (US,JP)
    Atari Jaguar (PAL EUR)
    Commodore Amiga CD32 + SX-1 expansion (PAL EUR) + CD32 "Prototype" labeled unit
    Sega Dreamcast (PAL EUR) + LAN Adapter
    Sony PlayStation 2 Slim (PAL EUR)
    Microsoft XBOX (EUR PAL + US NTSC)
    Bandai Atmark Pippin (JP NTSC)
    Nintendo GameCube + LAN Adapter + qoob (PAL EUR)
    Nintendo Wii + USB Loader (PAL EUR)
    Sony PS3 Fat 60GB launch model (EUR)
    Xbox 360 Fat launch model (EUR)
    Sony PS3 Slim (EUR)
    Nintendo WiiU + USB Loader (EUR)
    Alienware 17 (Windows 10)
    PC Rig + HTC Vive + Oculus DK1 + Oculus CV1
    XBox One (EUR)
    Sony PlayStation 4 (EUR)
    NES Mini classic (EUR)
    Nintendo Switch (EUR)
    SNES mini classic (EUR)

    Handheld gaming platforms:

    Atari Lynx (EUR)
    Nintendo Gameboy classic (EUR)
    Atari Lynx 2 (EUR)
    Sega Game Gear (EUR)
    Nintendo Gameboy Color (EUR)
    SNK Neogeo Pocket Color (US)
    Bandai Wonderswan color (JP)
    Nokia 3210
    Game Park GP32 (KR)
    Sega Nomad
    Tiger R-Zone (US)
    Nintendo Gameboy Advance (EUR)
    Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP (EUR)
    Sony PlayStation Portable 1000 launch model (EUR)
    Nokia nGage (first model)
    Nintendo Gameboy Micro (EUR)
    Sony PSP GO (EUR)
    Nintendo DSi (EUR)
    Nintendo 3DS (EUR)
    Sony Playstation Vita WIFI model (EUR)
    New Nintendo 3DS XL Monster Hunter (EUR)
    Apple iPhone 3GS
    Apple iPad 1 + iON iCade
    Apple iPad 3
    Apple iPhone 6S
    Samsung Galaxy S8

    Computer / Misc:

    Commodore C64 + Chamaeleon64
    Commodore Amiga 500 + ACA500plus
    Commodore Amiga 600 + Furia
    Commodore Amiga 1200 + 060 + PPC (Tower)
    Nintendo Game and Watch: Super Mario Bros

    Gameroom stats:
    - very high density: 90% of the home consoles and several computers are ready-to-be-played, ~50 Platforms connected in one corner of a rooftop room, > 40 Platforms can output on Main TV
    - Controllers and Games are stored in drawers and on shelves in other parts of the room. I strive to have a full set of standard controllers for all major systems (in case of Saturn, this means 2 Multitaps and 10+ Joypads to support Saturn Bomberman competitions).
    - I try to own some milestone controllers, like Steel Battallion Controller, Sega Bass Fishing Rod, Maestromusic conductors stick, light guns, Nintendo "3D System" shutters, and the like.

    Key goals:
    - safe: switchable, surge protected power rails for 220V and 110V, fully off-the-grid most of the time.
    - convenient: easy removal of machines, cable extension from shelf min. 1m for all systems
    - somewhat clean: hide some of the cable mess. This place doubles as our "guest room".

    Future goal:
    - Get second set of power adapters and display cables for all systems to allow easier transportation of the collection to event sites. (i have done this before)

    Display / tech:
    - 3 * different sized Sony Trinitron TVs
    - lots of scart switchers
    - 1 * 27 inch 16:9 monitor + Framemeister

    - I have some spare systems, but i rarely sell as often i need the parts.
    - However, i am open for cool Trades, especially platforms i don't own.
    - I will use the Marketplace, but also feel free to PM.

    - When the rebuild is done, i will post pics. It will take a while.
    - Meanwhile, find attached an older shot with less systems on it. I have almost no time to spend on it.

    I am thankful to have been part of this friendly, helpful and professional community for 12 years now. All the best of greetings to the other collectors on the board!


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    So jealous of your game room. #lifegoals.

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