Triforce Questions about Type 1 firmware and F-Zero AX

Discussion in 'Arcade and Supergun' started by Lupin Third, Jan 31, 2019.

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    In my introduction thread, I hinted that I was tinkering with a Type 1 Triforce. My sole objective is really just getting F-Zero AX to run on it. I have a couple of NetDIMMs that have all been updated to the unofficial 4.02, and have been used successfully with my NAOMI and NAOMI 2. On to the questions!
    1. Will I need to update the MAIN FIRM to 0.44, or will the 0.29 currently installed work?
    2. After reading some other posts on here, I read that I could probably still netboot, as long as the NetDIMM was up-to-date, and that does appear to be the case -- but can a Type 1's firmware be upgraded enough to recognize the NetDIMM hardware? (So that the Error 31 goes away and says something more intelligent?)
    3. Can I use any JVS I/O board with analog support, or is F-Zero AX finicky about which one gets used? Are they anything more than a glorified HID device? I had one that worked with Crazy Taxi on the Naomi, wonder if that would work...
    Pictures enclosed for posterity.[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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