Total Vice bios / resolution question

Discussion in 'Panasonic M2 and 3DO' started by awbacon, May 7, 2018.

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    So I’ve run into a bit of a stumbling block on getting Total Vice to run and thought maybe someone here had some insight.

    I have one Hell Night PCB on the newer (636a01) BIOS file, and that can run Battle Tryst and Heat of Eleven 98 fine once the ISO’s are patched.

    I have two Polystars PCB’s but I know those only run Polystars due to the halving of installed RAM.

    I’ve tried all versions of Total Vice, as word on the “streets” haha is some versions run via the newer bios (vs 623b01) but nothing launches. I don’t get any boot checks, just a black screen.

    I’ve changed resolution dips, but nothing seems to have any effect.

    So my question is : is there any confirmation that there is a version of Total Vice that runs on the newer bios, and do we know what versions of Total Vice are standard resolution and which are medium resolution.

    Considering Hell Night is medium res and Evil Night is standard res, different resolutions in different regions was obviously something Konami was doing.

    I may just get an older bios and swap on my Hell Night pcb if nothing else works, or keep looking for a Total Vice pcb. Having 4 of 5 M2 games and Total Vice missing is driving me nuts haha.

    I’ve looked through in hex editor and I can’t seem to find where in the files it indicated what bios it’s looking for either. Patching the discs in hex for Total Vice manually is easy, but finding the bios indicators is not!

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