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    Recently I made a few Masterplay clones to let me use Atari 2600 or Sega controller on Atari 5200 since some games for 5200 is meant to be played with digital joystick, not analog one (especially the really awful non-centering analog stick!)

    Atari 5200 also has keypad and some games came with overlay. My crazy idea: what if I did away with mechanical keypad and put a touch screen LCD in its place? LCD that can load specific overlay image (or default to standard blank 5200 keypad) and when I touch on the screen, it sends signal to 5200 the same way a keypad worked.

    But there's more: Im going to use one of the dozen or so dead PSP as 5200 controller. I want to replace the stock LCD with touch screen LCD, use Masterplay clone I made to handle digital signal from the D-pad, use the 4 buttons as 2 standard buttons plus 2 rapid fire buttons, and use 3 of the bottom row buttons as 5200's Start, Pause, and Reset. Unused buttons and holes would likely be epoxied over and sanded smooth then repainted in matte black to match 5200 controller's color.

    All I need is to figure out how the D-pad works. Is it the same as other digital pad like NES or is there something special?

    PS please talk me out of this! I thought my Duo-R's BRAM hack was hard, bumping the stock's 2k RAM to 32k and adding page selector so I could play many games without needing Tennokoe to shuffle saves around and make room on the uselessly tiny 2k RAM. The 5200 controller with LCD would be much more challenging.
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