The Crossing (PC) - any info?

Discussion in 'Unreleased Games Discussion' started by hrahn, Jul 3, 2012.

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    I just read an article about Arkane Studios (makers of Arx Fatalis, Arx Fatalis 2 which became Dark Messiah of Might&Magic and soon Dishonored) where they mentioned the game "The Crossing" which they were at one time designing together with Valve. Sadly they abandoned that ip due to the lack of a good publishing contract and worked on another game for EA (which, ironically, got canceled too).
    The interesting thing about "The Crossing" in the article was that they said that whenever they have new guys in the office they round them all up and all play a few rounds together, so there actually is a running build of this out there!
    Did somebody ever find anything apart from the usual videos and interviews about this game? Especially for the time the visual fidelity looked quite good to me, and the idea for the gameplay is interesting :)

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