Sync on N64 Rev-04

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    That's the thing if I don't get +5v how is the amp going to run? Can it run on +1.5v?
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    Are you powering the amp from the Multi-Out? If so, try tapping +5V from another place on the motherboard. Not sure if the amp can run on +1.5V. That voltage would be enough for SCART pin 16 though. Pin 8 is wired up in diagrams I see online but I got it to work in composite and S-Video modes without voltage on that pin. Maybe RGB mode would work without pin 8 as well.
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    I have a PVM. I did the RGB mod using this method.

    I lifted the pins on the IC and did it the same way as the picture. I soldered the the wires directly to RCA jacks. I also made an additional connection to the sync pin that you mentioned. (Mine isn't labeled S)

    With that set up I was getting signal out but it kept scrolling on the PVM. I do not get composite or s-video out of the console. Does lifting the pins on that IC disable that sync pin on the bottom of the multi-out?

    To get it to work, I plugged in what would normally be composite as my external sync signal. Am I getting the purest sync signal possible?

    The picture looks great. Although I would say it is about 10% dimmer than normal. Which really isn't a problem because I can just adjust it on the monitor.

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