Super potato is so expensive

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    And its still cheaper than eBay so.... i mean for somebody living in Tokyo and knowing good fair priced local deals can say Akiba or Super Potato are expensive places. But if you live overseas, most stuff is still good enough deals. For example used MGS4 limited edition is around $25 + shipping on eBay and I found in Super Potato mint copy with metal case for ¥700.

    Do they overprice the super rare games? Yeah but would you do it any differently. So many ppl want that copy, why are they supposed to be "fair". Regular games are totally ok price, super rare you cant expect you are going to run into a shop selling Snatcher for SegaCD for $20 no matter how shitty or small and unpopular a place is. Thats just dreaming. Trust me, nobody is gonna land in Tokyo and decide to take a bullet train 2 hours away to get $40 off a game. So you can say foolish gaijin, I say convenience.
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    I think the point is that they are consistently overpriced even for the location. So you can go into the Super Potato in Akihabara and see a game, and it's 20-30% more expensive than the same title at some shop like Trader that's just down the road. When they have stuff that is actually hard to find, they tend to list it at the sort of price that you normally associate with eBay "Buy it now" listings that have been up for 6 months because nobody wants to pay that.

    To my mind, this makes them basically useless because I don't like shopping at places where you can be fairly confident that you are being ripped off no matter what you buy.
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    When you buy on ebay you're paying someone to spend time going to the shop, list the game, pay ebay/paypal fees, run the risk of refunding you if it doesn't arrive, and so on. If you went all the way to Japan and it wasn't cheaper than ebay, that would be ridiculous. It's like spending 300 yen on a bottle of Pocari Sweat in a souvenir shop and saying you don't mind because it costs more than that in your country.
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    I'm pretty happy with my front loading Neo Geo CD that I got for 2,000 yen at Super Potato. It was sold "as is" in perfect cosmetic condition and with a <1000 serial number. And of course it works perfectly once I got the right power adaptor.

    But I wasn't interested in paying the stickered price for anything on the shelf.

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