Super Nintendo Super FX Boxing game by ElectroBrain

Discussion in 'Unreleased Games Discussion' started by Yakumo, Sep 2, 2006.

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    So far as I can speak only about myself, when I collect certain objects i never (i haven't upto now) passed them to anyone else, so I never cared for the "after-value" sort to speak. Even if I sold a SNES-CD for 20.000 dollars, i know i can make that amount working, but if i ever sold that object, what would there be left of it?

    Money is a tool, it isn't a collector's item;)
    That said, I do respect any reason why one wouldn't want to dump an image of a game.

    I remember someone who was telling me he had seen a rom image of FX fighter , sometime around 1999-2000, but i never believed him.

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