Storm Riders for XBOX.

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    So I want to clear something up on this game, since it came up on NeoGAF and people still seem to think this is just Ninja Gaiden, or built off of NG.

    It isn't. Storm Riders was built really, really late in the Xbox's life, July 22 2005, NG started life in like 1999 before being announced at e3 2002 and released in March 2004.

    I havent found any evidence other than one comment that seemed to think it came from a Tecmo Xbox. Ive dug through the XBE some more and didnt find anything. It was compiled from a folder called Phoenix, which I thought might be related to Iron Phoenix, but beyond that I havent seen the evidence to link it, so I moed on.

    Borrowing assets isn't all that unusual in the dev world, so the NG assets are meaningless.

    But if you look up Storm Riders Online, which was to be an MMO, it was made by a studio called Phoenix Games Studio, which with the compile info points to it being from them, which is a studio in Malaysia. This also links back to the fact that the Xbox it was found on was 220v, which wouldnt be the case for a Japanese box, but does match for Malaysia. So that is much more likely :)

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