Stager VS4800 + 27c322

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    Has anyone managed to program a 27c322 with a vs4800 programmer? I can program 27c160 and it's also compatible with some other 16bit eproms like 27c4096. How can i find if 27c160 is programed in 8bit or in 16bit? In the programmer folder there are 2 files ST. mem and ST.mes

    In ST.mem there's this line:
    ^M27C160(DIP42);1250Vpp;500Vcc;0x0107Logic;0x0000LogicX;EPROM;0x00100000Memory1;16bit;name2;0x00000000Start2;0x00000000Length2;00Bit2;0x00000000 FuseStart;00FuseLength;00FusBit;0x0800 PageLength;042 pins;S00x0000S10x0000S20x0000socket;0x0006 support;
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