Spyro 5 (Cancelled Check Six Title)

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    This'll be my last time getting involved in this mess here since I don't want to gain a reputation of a drama queen. The last thing I'm going to do is to encourage people to search for themselves if they're interested in figuring out who's the liar. Naturally, my bias is against ccrogers. Here we go, one last time.

    Can you post a link to this public apology? Partly because I'd like to see an apology and partly because I'm wondering exactly which communities would let you hang around to apologise, considering your practically-universal ban.

    Anyone interested in verifying this can search ccrogers15 in double-quotes on google and look at the various dates since 2010 that he has been around causing mischief (some of the most interesting ones being a topic where he requests access to his old account with the name, and this aptly-named 'troll topic', although there really is much more if you're interested in looking around.)

    If you have really learned your lesson, surely the least you could do is be completely straight about this?

    The fact that your age is a year off here compared to everywhere else, regardless of which is real, makes you seem no more honest even under this shiny new name of yours.

    Also--literally just noticed this--but in my current time period, the year in your name is more along the lines of 20 years ago rather than 21.

    I encourage anyone interested to research this themselves. I am curious though, that if someone was out to 'get you' (by posting fake rumours using a name that is in no way obviously linked to the name 'ccrogers15' to anyone except those who extensively search into your birthday and initials--in this very crafty way of framing you...without actually making any mention of your name), why didn't you stop them and clear your name there?

    I sure don't like seeing liars getting away with it, but this is enough drama from me. I'm outta here!

    No problem. Yeah, I agree on every front. It hasn't happened ever since the game's release, but I sure hope some day we'll get some actual stories on what happened to this game!

    Thanks man! =)

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