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    I am having this weird problem where the sprite is changing randomy and soft locking the game. ClearSprites and AddSprite are both subroutines that I have written myself based on some notes written I wrote based on a conversation I had with Sik. While UpdateSprites is just a modification of LoadSpriteTables.
    ; *************************************************************
    ; ClearSprite
    ; Clears the sprite counter
    ; *************************************************************
        move.b #0, (sprite_count)                                                  ; set sprite count to 0
    ; *************************************************************
    ; AddSprite
    ; Adds a sprite to the sprite table and increments counter
    ; d0 - sprites y position
    ; d1 - width and height tile bits
    ; d2 - special (flipping, palette index, priority)
    ; d3 - tile id
    ; d4 - sprites x position
    ; a0 - sprite table
    ; *************************************************************
        move.b (sprite_count), d5                                              ; sprint count in d5
        move.b d5, d6                                                              ; d6 is used to calculate the sprite table offset
        cmp #80, d5                                                                ; are there too many sprites in the table already?
        blt SpriteLimitNotReached                                               ; if not branch
        rts                                                                              ; return
        lsl.b #$03, d6                                                               ; calculate sprite table offset (sprite count * sprite size)
        add.w d6, a0                                                                ; increment address by offset
        move.w d0, (a0)                                                            ; move sprites y position into table
        addq.l #4, a0                                                                ; increment address by a word
        move.b d1, (a0)                                                            ; move sprites demensions into table
        addq.l #2, a0                                                                ; increment address by a byte
        move.b d2, (a0)                                                            ; save sprites special bits in table
        addq.l #2, a0                                                                ; increment address by a byte
        addq.l #1, d5                                                                ; increment d5(sprite_count) by 1
        move.b d5, (a0)                                                            ; index of next sprite is d5(sprite_count +1)
        addq.l #2, a0                                                                ; increment address by a byte
        move.b d3, (a0)                                                            ; save sprites tile id in table
        addq.l #2, a0                                                                ; increment address by a byte
        move.w d4, a0                                                              ; save sprites x position in table
        addq #1, (sprite_count)                                                  ; increment sprite counter by 1
    ; *************************************************************
    ; Updates and draws the sprite table
    ; *************************************************************
        lea (spritelist_table), a0                                                 ; sprite table in a0
        move.b (sprite_count), d0                                              ; load sprite counter into d0
        and.l #0x000000FF, d0
        mulu.w #SizeSpriteDesc, d0                                           ; Offset into sprite table
        swap d0                                                                     ; To upper word
        or.l #vdp_write_sprite_table, d0                                      ; Add to write address
        move.l d0, vdp_control                                                  ; Set read address
        move.l (a0)+, vdp_data                                                 ; 8 bytes of data
        move.l (a0)+, vdp_data
       ; a0 --- Sprite data address
       ; d0 (b) Number of sprites
       move.l   #vdp_write_sprite_table, vdp_control
       and.l   #0x000000FF, d0
       subq.b   #0x1, d0           ; Minus 1 for counter
       move.l   (a0)+, vdp_data    ; 8 bytes of data
       move.l   (a0)+, vdp_data
       dbra   d0, @AttrCopy
    OK so you want an arbitrary number of sprites
    1) Reserve 640 bytes in RAM for a table *Complete*
    2) Make a ClearSprites function that sets the sprite count to 0 *Complete?*
    3) Make an AddSprite function that inserts a sprite into the table
    (may want to check that there aren't too many sprites, i.e. 80)
    4) Make an UpdateSprites function that loads the table to VRAM
    Incrementing a0
    addq.l #1, a0
    Replace #1 with a value from 1 to 8
    Or replace addq with add if you need a larger value
    Storing offset to a0
    lea (a0,d5.w), a0
    add.w d5, a0
    Pick either
    Both do the job here
    Then every frame:
    1) Call ClearSprites at the beginning
    2) Call AddSprite for every sprite you want to draw
    3) Call UpdateSprites at the end
    You don't need to keep track of sprites once added.
    Also if you do run into the limit (80 sprites), huuuuh, I'd say to just drop the excess sprites (i.e. just return without adding them)
    Here is a link to the ROM in case you wanna see what i mean.


    Scorpion Illuminati

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