Spawn In The Demons Hand (Chinese Version) Dreamcast

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    Download CDI:!R40zzQha!o5pigODB2QzRL3oLywVP1YDOdseOcOQXxhwiELkbjTg
    Compressed file optimization

    all open
    1. L+↑
    2. L+↓
    3. L+→
    4. L+←

    5. R+↑
    6. R+↓
    7. R+→
    8. R+←

    9. ↑
    10. ↓
    11. →
    12. ←

    13. A


    Staff Edit: Google translation of Chinese-:

    Remove unwanted duplicate files.

    Compressed files, optimize reading.

    Full figures can directly select the whole Atlas.

    Before titles player to enter specific instruction can see hidden CG, in fact, some of the clips only titles, but the picture quality is far higher, I do not know why. You can only enter a CG Cheats, so to enter 13 times, very troublesome.
    These instructions are as follows:
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