Source found on original double II dragon DOS game

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    Hi all, I have gotten hold of source code (in ASM files ) from the original 720 diskette dos version of double dragon 2 (the original upload)

    the source code lies in DRGNSRC.LZH and you can ran retract it with winrar without a hitch and you can also retract that particular file with ultra iso among other programs that can be used to mount or extract files from diskette images.

    He (I presume it is a he) does not worry about credit or is very worried about getting into trouble, when it comes to the legality of "abandonware" in this part of it all, the person also told me this, when I asked about if I should only upload the source file or what.

    So that is the reason why he is also has uploaded the two images

    so here are my mirrors of his images and the zip he also gave me, cause 7zip was not fond of lzh files

    the images

    The ASM files

    I now hope you will enjoy this, cause whether the person who gave me the link wants credit or not, then I will still remember who the person is.
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    Thanks very much, looks interesting. I'll enjoy looking through the comments.

    EDIT: Looks like there'll be some gems in there.

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