Sony PSX DESR repair

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    Ok, so I managed to get a PSX fairly cheap because it's in some pretty rough shape. Like many of them the DVD isn't functional which didn't surprise me. But it also has an error that causes it to shut off after a while. It seems very similar to the PS3's overheating issues so that's the theory I'm working with for the moment. I'd like to convert the menus to english, but I have seen a lot of talk about it bricking. However my understanding of Japanese is damn near nothing, and I can't fully navigate the machine. If anyone has experience with this please lemme know.
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    The PSX is essentially a PS2. The PS2 has no known overheating issues and does not have a known temperature sensor. Why not take a photograph of the error and post it here, so that others can tell you more about the problem?

    You can mess with the HDD unit, but back up all files before you do anything.
    The HDDs are very old by now, so they might die anytime. There is no known method to replace the disk with a non-SONY disk yet.
    Losing the HDD unit could mean that you have lost your XMB for good.

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