Sony Playstation 2 Slim Debugging Station DTL-H70011S

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    I was referring to your earlier assumption that the MECHACON would be different between releases in different regions, to facilitate CSS region-locking.

    And yes, I now think that it was also to prevent region-free playback via any method, as the Debugstation can actually run unapproved programs and is region free (even for Magicgate). It makes sense to make development hardware incapable of DVD video disc playback to avoid incurring the unnecessary costs of licensing, but that doesn't mean that DVD players had to be banned.

    If you could somehow run a region free player, any PlayStation 2 console would allow region-free DVD playback, not only Debugstation consoles. But remember, one cannot run such a thing on an unmodified retail set and Debugstation sets are incapable of DVD video disc playback....

    SCE might have worked to prevent such a thing from happening anyway, by only enabling DVD video disc playback after a valid DVD player is first decrypted. But it has stopped being an effective measure, ever since people have discovered that loading EROMDRV (or any valid DVD player) would re-enable DVD video playback for any purpose (but oh wait, this doesn't work on debugstation sets!). This is also used for ESR.

    Even if CSS was long broken, SCE would still have to comply with local regulations in order to avoid legal trouble. If not, how do you explain why they had to take the trouble to replace the buggy DVD player v1.00 and actually ban it from use on all newer consoles?

    This conversation is really getting offopic now. If you still cannot agree with me here, we can continue debating via PM instead.
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    Well here's what I believe this is about:

    The TOOL and Debugging Stations can run any kind of customized code. To avoid them being useful as decryption oracles the decryption of DVD player Magic Gate encrypted files are blacklisted. Adding up to that, all PS2 units regardless of type, model or region only accept reading data sectors from DVD video discs after KELF/KIRX files with DVD player type are successfully decrypted. Since that never happens on a TOOL or Debugging Station, a DVD video disc playback will never occur, even if you provide a functional DVD player as a bootable ELF file. (kHACKen's USB launchable DVD player hacks for example)

    On MG enabled Debugging Stations, you can run the DVD Utiliy Disc just fine, but because MECHACON will refuse to realize any operation with the DVD player flagged files, install on memory card will fail even if the disc is legit.

    Finally all units with built in DVD player have the "BIOS" coded to ignore DVD player files on the memory card slot if the built in DVD player ROM is missing. That prevent already installed files from being detected by DEV units. If you remove the DVD player ROM from any 3000x range console you will end with a similar result.
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    No I didn't assume it was for facilitating css region locking, I assumed that each region had it's own dvd player which could only be decrypted by it's own mechacon.
    The mechacon in the test could then still be made to only decrypt a single regions dvd player.

    They might have been protecting against you ripping the dvd's on a test, as you could write code to decrypt the dvd player but then just read the files (ideally decrypting the dvd player should force it to run...). Obviously by the time DeCSS came out then that was irrelevant. But test units were never going to get a dvd player anyway, because of the licensing cost and because nobody wanted developers to be slacking off watching dvd's when they should be working.

    I agree the 1.0 banning is purely an ass covering exercise.

    Didn't they drop patented stuff from the PS3 tests as well?
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    i just bought one of these. do these have the laser burnout problems as the retail v12s do?
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