Sonic X-treme v37 Rel. 003 : Enhanced Port with Level Pack

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    Sonic X-treme v37: Enhance Port with Level Pack
    View the Sonic Retro Thread

    Unlike the previous releases of Sonic X-treme, this release does a number of things different. First and foremost, it has moved beyond just what Ofer had done in version 37, and enhances it with the following features:
    • Background music can be used
    • A camera distance function has been added that allows each .def file to "counterbalance level depth scaling differences vs Sonic's distance to the camera."
    • Like later engine builds, there is a global configuration file for Sonic's main physics, along with other engine settings
    In addition, over 150 playable test levels are now included in the pack, originally created by Sega Technical Institute. Many levels are duplicate designs, but they have tweaked attributes like texture physics settings to help slow or speed up Sonic in certain situations. Other levels may represent a snapshot of the levels development history, showing the development process itself!

    In order to make this possible, each and every level.def file had to be edited. This included:
    • Removing Sonic's main physics
    • The player parameter was changed from static to player
    • New camera parameters were set up and adjusted, to match the camera distance between levels that had different depth scaling
    • Some color pallet links were corrected
    • Replaced all ring and enemy blocks with actors so that Sonic could pass through them, and possibly interact with them in a future release.
    • Attempted to tweak the physics in the new Global file to make the game feel more playable
    Of course, for the preservationists out there, all of the original assets and level files are also included in their unmodified form, as they were when they were found. This also includes levels from older revisions of the engine, despite the fact that they do not work with this current version, along with partial levels for other builds!

    This is a Windows build

    Chris Senn:
    Music Contributions

    Original Sonic X-treme assets contribution.

    The original Sonic X-treme team:
    They slaved away many years of their lives working on Sonic X-treme, and without them
    none of this would have existed at all.

    Porting Sonic X-treme Pre-Alpha over to Modern Windows + Open GL.

    Game File data Organization.
    DEF file research, editing, and experimentation to help Tweak physics, and other aspects to
    make the game feel a little more playable, Camera depth position counterbalance setting tweaks.

    Additional support.

    Thank you to the community at Assembler forum and the Sonic Retro forum for the support.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Per usual, very cool. Excited to see a bunch of new levels available. Thanks a ton, Borman. Going to try this now.
  3. Energy

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    This is amazing! Thanks to all so much!
    (might be worth stating that this is a windows build :))
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    Awesome stuff!
    Can't believe we're finally getting this, thank you so much! :)
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    Truly amazing work!
  6. f2bnp

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    Damn, this came out of the blue. A few years ago I'd never have thought that we'd ever see so much more of X-Treme's development! I know it's kind of redundant to say this after all these years, but it really surprises me how much of the marketing material and shown footage were from this version.
    We don't have much stuff showing how the game was running on the Saturn or what it even looked like. We have the two boss levels (that's Nack and Metal Sonic), the E3 Ring level, the 718 Jade Gully tech-demo and the recently released proof-of-concept by JollyRoger (I don't remember if that was POV's demo or internal STI).

    Just think about it, SEGA was promoting a huge game starring their mascot in E3 1996, while also making fun of Mario and Nintendo, supposedly running on their "powerful" Sega Saturn, while in reality it was all a smokescreen.
    The game was running on a powerful PC with an Nvidia NV1. It's just as bad as showing off pre-rendered footage and passing it off as the real deal.

    Anyway, that's all secondary, since some huge congratulations are in order. I have nothing but the outmost respect for JollyRoger especially, but also all the people helping him out behind the scenes. Jolly picked up the prototypes and instead of keeping them for himself and teasing us every so often, he went the extra... 10.000 miles and sat down and ported all these to playable formats for us to enjoy and preserve.
    Thank you so much man, you rock!
  7. supersonic3224

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    Amazing. Truly amazing! Thanks for another awesome release!
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    This is truly amazing! Thanks again for this beautiful work, Sonic Xtreme has always been my prototype holy grail!
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    Incredible to see actual improvements and additions to functionality! Great work, everyone!
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    im very late to the news, so, the spinsplash exists in this build?, is ther a way i can acess these assets?

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