Some people the Mexican Republic want Everdrive

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    For English:

    Some people want the Mexican Republic Everdrive

    I'm not good in English, but this text is translated by Google

    From 1 ½ months ago, I got the Everdrive64, because I live a border town in mexico, buy it with the help of a friend, because he knows buy things on E-bay and bring the ship from Calexico, California.

    I made the video in Spanish Review of Everdrive64 on YouTube, and all the Mexican people want Flash for N64 Cartridge and walk me asking you if you ship to mexico, because we all want, and i do not know, because I thought has no shipping to mexico.

    but the question is for Retrogate web site and Stone Age Gamer web site:

    There is a possibility to buy a any EverDrives and shipping to mexico?

    I hope your answers!


    for Spanish (for bad
    translated for english):

    no soy bueno en ingles, pero este texto es traduccído por Google

    Desde hace 1 mes y medio, consegui el Everdrive64, porque yo vivo una ciudad fronteriza, en mexico, lo compre con ayuda de un amigo, porque el sabe comprar cosas por la E-bay y lo trae el envio desde Calexico, California.

    Hice el video de Review del Everdrive64 en Español en el YouTube, y toda la gente mexicana quieren ese Cartucho Flash para N64 y me andan preguntando que si tiene envio a mexico, porque todos lo quieren, y la verdad no lo se, porque yo pense que no tiene envio a mexico.

    pero la pregunta es para la pagina web de Retrogate y Stone Age Gamer:

    Existe la posibilidad de comprar a cualquier EverDrives y envío a México?

    espero sus respuestas!

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    Retrogate ships to everywhere minus Germany.

    Copy Paste from link above:

    • Shipping & Delivery
      At this time, retrogate store ships merchandise to all worldwide locations except Germany

      All our items can be tracked via ukrainian post tracker until package on Ukraine territory, later recipient should use tracker from their county.

      links on trackers of some countries: USA, Japan, Honkong, China, Spain

      Estimated shipping time:
      Countries of EU: 12-17 days
      North America: 15-20 days
      Japan: 15-20 days
      Australia: 30-40 days
      South America: 40-60 days

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    Why don't they ship to Germany? Surely Germany's trade laws aren't too different t any other European country?
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    Considering Retrogate had no problem shipping to South Africa, infact it got to my quicker than most international packages, I doubt they will have any problem shipping to Mexico :)
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    oooh, thanks for answering if there shipments to mexico, but the trouble is that not all South American country can send package, because a guy from Argentina said, "we can not enter in Argentina things through customs outside everything is forbidden, only importers can bring things out of the country."

    Too bad for Argentines

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