SNES Mini, random freezing but still playing audio?

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    Edit: In case this wasn't clear this is the SNES Jr., the smaller model of the original SNES, and not the new USB-powered emulator that Nintendo put out

    Hi all,

    Apparently I'm having a very unlucky streak since I'm needing to post on this forum so much. Thank you all for your help thus far.

    I've got an SNES Mini that I've been playing through Castlevania 4 on an Everdrive. I've not had issues with the Everdrive in the past (and I've tried posting about this on their forum with no replies), but I'm having a lot of crashing happening with this game. Off the top of my head, these are some of the times it happened:

    • During the mummy boss fight in Stage A, the screen just went black but music kept playing
    • Nearing the top of the stairs in first screen of Stage A, everything froze (graphics still on screen) but music kept playing
    • Spinning stage where you hang from the middle, froze but sound kept playing

    I found a thread on NintendoAge where someone posted something similar with Castlevania 4, and someone suggested "replacing the RAM." Does this refer to VRAM? Is that economical to replace and is it likely to even be the issue?


    EDIT: I wanted to update on this in case it's asked: I tested the AC adapter with a multimeter and I'm getting 14 V DC, which is more than I would expect given it says 10V, but I don't think this is an issue, right?
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