SNES GameStation RGB mod

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    The GameStation is a SNES Clone with a Sony CXA1145P Encoder:
    The Sony chip can output Composite, S-Video and RGB.

    The same chip is also in the Master System or Mega Drive. I've just used this guide for the RGB mod:
    I used Luma as sync.

    I didn't want to build a new cable, so I've re-used the Neo Geo CD cable, because it doesn't contain any resistors or capacitors.

    I'm very happy with the mod. It's easy to perform and the picture is very sharp.

    GameStation_RGB_1.jpg GameStation_RGB_2.jpg
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    I did it to my Gamestation. However, I was not happy with the CXA1145 and I replaced the whole video encoder circuit with the newer CXA1645 encoder. I also removed the RF modulator and soldered a Genesis/MD 2 AV port in its place so I can use it with a scart cable from the rear.

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