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    I frequently deal with consoles and accessories that are filthy and have been in heavily smoke-infected rooms.
    The procedure I follow is as follows:
    1. Completely disassemble system/accessory
    2. Wash the casing and RF shield in the sink using regular washing-up liquid and a brush (nope, it doesn't scratch the plastic). Just be a bit more careful around the stickers.
    3. Clean the PCBs using IPA and Q-Tips. (Yep, takes a while)
    4. Clean the cables using a paper towel soaked in IPA.
    5. Manuals and other papers gets put into a box that has a bowl of vinegar in it for day or so. Of course, the paper does not touch the vinegar.

    Cartridges are treated the same as systems.

    Now, everything should be clean and smell-free.

    To go the extra "mile", after I assemble the system, I spot-clean the plastic with a windex soaked paper towel, and then finish off by applying Armor All vinyl wipes. The system comes out looking like new (save for deep scratches, etc).
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    For outer casings i use a humidifier and lots of scrubbing.
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    I found a product that does a really good job at removing smoke smell and other smell. This kind of product is usually used to absorb bad odors from outdoor bin.

    Simply pour a little bit of product powder in the bottom of a tupperware, put your item in a plastic bag and let it opened inside the tupperware, close the tupperware. Depending on how strong the smell is, 24 or 48 hours should do the trick.

    I have used this method for gameboy games boxes and PCB and I can tell you that the result is amazing. Best part of it is that this product is very cheap, just make sure you don't touch it with your hands (wear gloves).


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