Sega Saturn Widescreen hacks (Panzer dragoon Saga POC)

Discussion in 'Sega Saturn Programming and Development' started by Esppiral, Aug 30, 2016.

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    That's an excellent mod as it does not distort the 2D elements.
  2. APE

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    These codes all should be tested on real hardware for two reasons:

    1) Hacks that won't run on real hardware are kinda lame
    2) Hacks that run only on an emulator are likely to get broken when used on a different emulator than originally found on and when those emulators that they work on are updated there's a solid chance the hack will get broken.

    See the many Super Mario 64 hacks that won't run on anything except specific versions of a specific emulator. I'm sure a lot of these that don't run on real hardware correctly can be made to work better by adjusting other values at other addresses. The emulator simply isn't accurate enough to reflect the problem. To be fair, beyond emulators I'm not aware of any convenient way to poke around the Saturn's RAM for addresses.

    Though I am happy to see many of these codes working out of the box. Going to buy an AR if I can find one with the DB25 port and play around with these.
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    I do not have a real console. I do not need it, because it's easier and more comfortable for me to run the game on the emulator. If you are a true fan or adherent of real hardware, then use these hacks, as they say, at your own peril and risk.

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