sega mega drive game genie codes

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  1. raylyd

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    sega mega drive game genie codes for bart simpsons vs space mutants
    i have tryed to even make up codes but with no luck all i need is a health cheat hope someone can help thanks and cheers every one have a nice and happy christmas and a happy new year
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  3. raylyd

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    thanks mate for your help now i can complete this game take care
    and got more code i could use thanks very much
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  4. raylyd

    raylyd Guest

    codes did not work for my mega drive version witch is a shame
  5. raylyd

    raylyd Guest

    could someone help me please thanks
  6. rgb3do

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    get an action replay create a code on an emulator.
    they will then work on the hardware 99% of the time.
  7. Cyantist

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    The Version i have is for mega drive but it has genesis printed on it and all codes work with mega drive games

    Weird it works on mine
  8. raylyd

    raylyd Guest

    mine has mega drive printed on it and i am willing to send it to some who can make up codes if anyone knows anyone cheers
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  9. raylyd

    raylyd Guest

    AJRT-AA6R - Invincibility
    A2RT-AA8R - Infinite lives

    thanks how did you find them if you dont mined me asking

    They came from Sega XS, a magazine. I used these codes back in the day so I know they worked ;)

    thanks very much mate any other codes for the game i got off that level one for good

    No problem :)

    AJBT-AAET - Start on level 2
    ANBT-AAET - Start on level 3
    ATBT-AAET - Start on level 4
    AYBT-AAET - Start on level 5
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