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    So I've found a list of Scavenger games in the planning on a magazine that talked about E3 '96.
    What got my attention was that , despite we already knows many Scavenger unreleased games, there were a couple of titles I've never heard of.
    Searching online resulted in a even more complete list of , for the most part, cancelled games by this developer.

    * underlined the unknown entries.

    Known cancelled games by Scavenger with media:

    Actually that list miss Spearhead ...

    Magazine scan:

    Mudkicker was on there, it was just cut away by me.

    It was said that Scavenger had 14 games in development for Saturn.
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    I think I might have found that last game for you, which I've underlined to make it more obvious...

    22. On November 28, 1995, GT entered into an agreement with Scavenger, Inc., to develop four software games: Into the Shadows, 4X Frenzy, Vertigo and Amok. GT paid Scavenger advances in the amount of $2.5 million under the foregoing agreement. The contractual relationship between GT and Scavenger fell into disarray over the failure of Scavenger adequately and timely to produce the requested software, which was initially due on August 1, 1996. GT contended that "Scavenger completely failed to perform under the agreement; it has never to this day delivered two of the games and the two games that were delivered arrived late and failed to satisfy the requirements of the agreement."


    Now, this section from Scavenger's lawsuit against GT refers to Scorcher using its early working title of Vertigo, even though it is stated this game had already been released. Also, it's possible 4X Frenzy was a similarly preliminary name for Mudkicker, although I seem to recall both of these being independently mentioned by various journalists back in the day. Furthermore, another reason why I believe 4X Frenzy and Mudkicker are not the same is because from what screenshots I've seen of the latter it appeared to be a simple dirt-based racing game. On the other hand, the former is described in a press release as being "a monster truck challenge." Let's briefly focus on a 32X project in development at Scavenger known as Heavy Machinery...

    This ill-fated effort looks very much like it could have evolved into 4X Frenzy, as we all know that many of Scavenger's ideas were recycled from abandoned concepts on the 32X. Who else remembers that impressive tech demo produced for this platform, and the similarities between a section featuring voxel technology and the retail version of A+M+O+K? There was also a portion with a camera moving through a real time rendered room that looks almost too much like the cancelled X-Men game to be purely coincidental. Finally, isn't the outdoors part with streetlights and what seems to be a petrol station just an early version of a track in Scorcher? Despite never being covered in magazines (to my knowledge, anyway), I believe we may possess some clues as to how 4X Frenzy might have looked, after all!
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