Retro Station : Raspberry Pi and iPad 1st gen LCD

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    Hey guys!
    Here's my latest build. After the mini cad, I'm building something bigger in wood:

    It's some kind of bartop but without the controls. It's a request from a friend who wanted to plug controlers/arcade sticks. He also wanted something transportable.
    I salvaged the screen of a dead iPad 1 he gave me.
    It has Raspberry pi 3, lots of extension cords, two 3w 4omhs speakers with an amplifier from Adafruit, a 10kOmhs pot with an on/off switch, a driver board for the screen as long as a HDMI splitter. I'm using a DC/DC converter with a external 12v PSU, so I can power the driver and have a 5V 10A for the splitter and the Pi.
    This is the first time I'm building something like that in wood from scratch.

    Full build is available on video here (beware long video):

    and pics gallery here:
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